Terms of Service

Last updated July 28, 2023

We have just a few rules for our affiliate program. No surprises, just a few terms we should agree on:

  • You can't self-refer (ie: add your own Oh Dear accounts to your affiliate dashboard).
  • Abuse (in any form) will result in having your account banned.
  • Search engine ads are allowed (just avoid branded terms or domain names). Same logic applies for Facebook ads or social media ads.
  • Never pretend to be acting on behalf of Oh Dear or in any other official role or capacity (ie. as an employee, a spokesperson, ... ).
  • We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service for our affiliate program at any time.
  • For any payout we do, we expect to receive an invoice from you. This can be in your personal name or on behalf or your own company. We can help you get started with this, if this is unclear. Check your local jurisdiction for any regulation.
  • Any payout value is calculated based on the net subscription fee, without value added tax (VAT). (If a client pays €12.1 with VAT included, you'll receive commissions on €10 as we charge 21% VAT)
  • Payouts will happen in EUR, we're based out of Europe after all.
  • When a client cancels a subscription and gets it (partially) refunded, this will also be (partially) deducted from your next referral payouts

We reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account for violation of any of the rules at our sole discretion. Commissions generated by mechanisms that are in violation of our Terms of Service will not be paid or owed.

Affiliate commissions can be paid as soon as your balance hits a minimum of €150 USD.

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Terms of Service